Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pink Sky Ahead

This year is coming to a fast end. This painting is called Pink Sky and is an oil monotype. I seem to do my monotypes in the summer at a cottage that looks out onto a lake and since we are in the heart of winter here in Michigan it seemed right. I hope this new year brings more peace to our world and may you all find a moment to view some art of any kind; a sleeping child, a smiling face or just maybe a pink sunset.


Kristie said...

Mom!! Your blog is fabulous! You have accomplished so much this year and I am sure you will meet even more of your goals in the upcoming months. And your picture is gorgeous online as well!!

Toni said...

This painting was a breath of fresh air and sunshine after all these gray days. I love your blog. Great Idea.

Lyn said...

Corinne - Wow, this is quite a blog! I love the painting selections, expecially Pink Sky Ahead. You know these are my colors.