Saturday, January 31, 2009

Men at Work

 This is a piece I worked on while mentoring a young lady, she just turned 17. She also wants to be an artist. First we covered some print paper with black gesso, let that dry. Then we cut out figures out of plastic, different weights. We then applied watered down white gesso over the black and layed our plastic on top. Let that dry and then I went back in with colored pencils. She has not finished hers but I will post her's soon. I want to do a whole series of shadows and figures. I have them dancing around in my head, we'll see if they want to come out and play.

In a Juried Show

I got two pieces in the State Wide Fine Arts Competition at the Ella Sharp Museum of Art and History here in Jackson Michigan. I was unable to go to the opening because of a snow storm. It seems to snow every day but to day we are up to 22 degrees, we're having a heat wave. So here I am playing with Photoshop and getting ready to go paint in my studio. I have so much to learn with this program. I figure my brain will stay forever young, here's hoping.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's been awhile...

I have such good intentions of doing this more often. Today I was glued to the TV watching the inauguration and proud to be an American. He is quite a man, this President of ours. I figure with what this man is facing I certainly can get to my art blog. These are the pieces that I continued with collages.