Saturday, December 29, 2007

New to blogging

I not quite sure what I am doing but I think this will be fun and a way of getting others to view my art work. I chose to name my blog Corinne's Darshan because in India, Darshan means getting a view. Here you will be getting mine. I am a mixed media artist who loves to try new things and  lately I have been doing a lot of transfers and just getting into encaustics. This painting is a transfer over an oil monotype that was just not working. It was a happy mistake that worked.


Kristy C said...

transfers are way addicting.......I love them too :)

rosebudinnh said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Your doing fine , looking forward to seeing more. Rose

English Janice said...

What fun! Even though we see you often at art group, this will be a fun way to hear and see more of your own personal "voice"......I can hear your enthusiasm coming through alreaady!
Looking forward to more posts,
English Janice.


Hi Corinne's I love your happy mistake its very very beautiful and intriguing. the colours are wonderful too. I hope I make a mistake like yours soon lol smiles Michelle