Sunday, September 21, 2008

a lens...a brush...a stroke

I'm currently in a show with two other artists. It is at a very busy coffee shop in downtown Ann Arbor Michigan called Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea Cafe. We had an Artist Reception this past Friday. The other two artists, Marty Walker and Wendy Chaiken, are also members of Ann Arbor Women Artists. What fun to plan this and then see your work up and admired, sure can't beat that. Well, maybe a sale or two would be icing on the cake.


abigail2u2 said...

It's my HONOR 2 be the 1st 2 say that You are a Cherrished "Piece of Work" to all that know you. The capability to express yourself beyond words has always been a distinct, selfless gift. Your hand,heart and mind put to canvas is Wonder-full! You truely are an Everlasting Treat to the Soul!
...your long lasting friend and admirer... Abigail

Anonymous said...

Aren't you simply GORGEOUS in this photo!!! Another admirer...
- Katherine