Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It's funny how titles of my work come to me. I really don't like art work that is "Untitled " followed with a number or a letter.Words are important and hold meaning to me. This painting is a watercolor pour and then I used some of the papers that I poured on to use as a collage in the piece. When I finished and put it up to enjoy and the word -journey - jumped out at me. There is a saying about it is not the destination but the journey that will bring you the joy. In my art it is all about the journey, the joy of exploring a new media and having fun with the process.It is also about balance and finding that space for some quiet time. You can't meditate fast. I am still working on finding the balance that worked for me.


Faye said...

Such beautiful colors in Journey.

Mary S Hunt said...

I agree..a title or nameing the piece IS important. It helps with a story line while you are creating the piece...helps give an explanation when asked anything about the piece. Will help the viewer (sometimes) get a sense of how you were feeling, or what direction you wanted...etc....it is just important!
I agree... :-)